Trovato donatore compatibile per Lara

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‘PURE RELIEF’ as a matching stem cell donor has been found for Lara!
Read more about Lara’s announcement via our blog:!PURE-RELI…

Finalmente trovato un donatore compatibile per Lara! Ora non fermiamoci qui: #match4all!

*** Message from Seb (Lara’s brother) ***

It’s with such delight and relief that I can say that we have found a match for Lara!
These past months have been such a whirlwind , but what has kept myself and my whole family so positive has been the amazing support we have received from every single person involved in the campaign. You have all been incredible:

Everyone who has been so enthusiastic signing people up at a donor drives, everyone who has spent a day shivering but still smiling holding a collection bucket, everyone who has designed a poster , made a video or come up with an ingenious hashtag, everyone who sent a a heartfelt message and comforted by sharing their experiences, everyone who made sure they told each and everyone of their mixed-race friends, everyone who nagged a celeb to tweet or even went knocking on their doors, anyone who fed me lines so I would say the right things in the interviews, anyone who just fed me at all to keep me happy, everyone who took an 8 hour bus ride to go to sign up, and of course everyone who spat!

The list goes on, and importantly, so should the momentum. The work put in by everyone is unbelievable, and so we should all be so proud of the awareness we have spread, and most importantly the lives we have, and can continue, to save.

This is just the beginning of a long road, but it is such an important step. I could not be grateful enough, but best you hear it from Lara!



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